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Rinaldo Rinaldi
Scientific Director
The new scientific director of e-P Summit is an associate professor at the School of Engineering of the University of Florence. His areas of research and interest concern the sizing of logistics systems, production planning and control,  production and supply chain optimization, RFID and the EPC Network technologies to optimize the logistics system, and the management of traceability.

He is the founder and scientific director of "LogisLab" - a laboratory for research into practical logistics and intelligence systems. In this role, he has been collaborating for years with fashion companies such as Valentino Fashion Group, Fendi, Patrizia Pepe, Monnalisa, Braccialini, Peuterey, Guccio Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Prada.
Marco Pierini
Vice-President for technology transfer
University of Florence
After a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Machine Design and Construction from the University of Florence, he worked at the University of Manchester in the UK, the Danish Technical University in Denmark, KU Leuven in Belgium, and the Fiat research center in Italy.
Full Professor of Machine Design and Construction at the University of Florence, his research interests focus on land vehicles, particularly the theme of sustainable and safe mobility. He is the author of over 250 scientific publications and four patents. Since 2021 he has held the role of Vice-Rector for technology transfer, cultural activities, and public engagement.
Tommaso Nervegna
Metaverse Strategy Lead
Tommaso Nervegna works with the Metaverse Continuum Business Group at Accenture, transforming how companies interact with customers and work with immersive collaborative experiences. His focus is on developing new services, digitally enhanced physical products, and digital native products that help Brands create immersive experiences capable of increasing revenue growth, retention, and reputation. Thanks to his passion for creativity, technology, and extensive experience in the fashion and luxury industries, he works with the biggest brands to identify priority opportunities in the Metaverse and set strategies to drive business transformations in this new dimension. He addresses a range of needs, from marketing to brand strategy, from customer experience to digital identity, from digital products and services to digital commerce, including NFT/tokens.

Umberto Cigognini
Art Direction Manager
Umberto Cigognini works as Creative Director and Head of Art Direction at Accenture Interactive. He is responsible for the engagement and visual identity of immersive collaborative experiences.
His background is in the creation of Brand Experiences – from unconventional activations to retail and shopper experiences as well as corporate brand shows, virtual events, and broadcasting content. He has experience in both boutique agencies delivering high creative performances as well as in international networks with a higher level of strategic and valuable returns.
Elena Verri
ICT Manager
At Borbonese since 2016, where she holds the position of ICT Manager since 2021, Elena Verri has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology across a wide range of industries (telecommunications, automotive, media), having held roles of increasing responsibility.
Patrick Devlin
Head of Business Technology
Patrick Devlin started in the company in the UK over 28 years ago and progressed up through the company who staffed over 1000 global staff members at last count with an IT team size of over 30 reporting to him, using both internal and outsourced staff depending on requirements. 
Through the years he has grown with the company and worked his way up through each level to the board of directors. He has gained extensive knowledge of business procedure and IT along the way. He has worked in over 23 countries to which he has travelled regularly as he headed up the change management and business restructures in these regions. Working with Vendors/Manufacturing and Global clients on a regular basis has given him a unique perspective on regional and global practices and governances.
Stefano Rizzi
Global Blue Italy
After his graduation at University of Pavia in Foreign Languages and Literature, Stefano Rizzi began his career with the role of key Account Manager first in the company Talent Manager Spa, which deals with online services, and subsequently in Compass Group Italia. In January 2003 he started working in First Currency Choice, which is part of Global Blue, where he was in charge of the successful introduction in Italy of “Currency Choice”, a pioneering currency conversion service which allows travellers all around the world to pay directly with their currency. He rocked up the ranks in Global Blue: from 2007 to 2010 he was Sales Manager Account Division, then in April 2010 he become Sales Manager Key Account Division and, finally, in 2013 Managing Director, which is his current position. He is the main author of the project which led, in 2015, to the opening up of the first Global Blue Lounge entirely dedicated to global shopper, located in the very heart of Milano fashion district. In this exclusive location travellers from all over the world can not only be refunded, but they can also benefit from a comprehensive concierge service. Thanks to the success achieved, Rizzi has decided to replicate the structure of the Lounge of Milano and now Global Blue Lounges are located in Rome, Venice and Florence.
Laura Fornaro
Fashion Account Executive
Laura Fornaro joined the Google Cloud team in July 2021 to manage the Fashion Enterprise market for Google Cloud. Her goal is to support fashion companies in their digital transformation and business process innovation path.
Before joining the Google family, she gained experience in SAP, initially as a CRM and Customer Experience specialist for the Retail market and later as an Account Executive for the Fashion market. Before SAP, she worked in other industry companies such as DellEMC and Oracle.
Onofrio Petragallo
Customer Engineer AI & Analytics
Onofrio Petragallo joined Google Cloud in 2021 as a Customer Engineer specializing on the AI and Analytics area and helping customers in the Retail and Fashion industries to become AI-driven companies.

Prior to Google Cloud, he worked for 13 years in IT consulting companies where, in recent years, he held the role of AI manager.
Michele Taranzano
Head of Planning – Luxury Goods Division
Italian, born in Turin in 1984, Michele Taranzano has a Master’s degree in management engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, where he fell in love with supply chain planning and operations management. Professionally, he is 100% made in Loro Piana: he started his journey in Loro Piana Textile Division at business development office. Thanks to his passion in solving difficult planning puzzle in 2013 he took in charge the Solbiati supply chain planning. This experience gave him the proper know-how to master from December 2016 the planning of the entire Textile Loro Piana supply chain. From September 2021 he moved to the Luxury Good Division to manage the planning of finish products supply chain. During these years he developed a strong expertise in the design and application of planning tools in the fashion industry.
Stefano Zecchi
Stefano Zecchi is Chief Financial Officer and managing Director of  Manifattura Borse Spa since April 2017. He is responsible for Management Control, Finance and Taxes, Risk Management and Insurance, Legal Compliance, IT and Human Resources.
Born in 1961, a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, he has 30 years of experience in control and corporate management in different industries (automotive, paper, IT and fashion). Fiat Group, Piaggio, Wepa, CDC are the main companies in which Stefano has worked, as Controller, CFO and General Manager. Zecchi also has many years of experience as director and auditor in Italian and foreign companies.
Marco Ruffa
Digital Transformation Director
For over twenty years in the Fashion & Luxury industry, after having held executive roles in the technology field, Marco Ruffa has conceptualized and anticipated the emerging transformation in the digital communication and direct to consumer fields, transferring his skills in the marketing field.
After having carried out management consultancy in the IoT field for Temera, he now combines entrepreneurial experiences in the AI & Brand Strategy field with the roles of Digital Transformation Director in Pinko and Head of Luxury in Luxochain.
Gianluca Pascoli
Head of Marketing Revenue & Brand Activation
Gianluca Pascoli, Head of Marketing Revenue & Brand Activation at RINASCENTE, is the father of a seven months-old boy. He previously held the position of Marketing Manager of Milan’s Flagship Store. His experience includes large-scale distribution (Blockbuster) and Luxury Brands (Burberry) until he arrived at RINASCENTE in 2008. 
Gianluca Pascoli
Head of Marketing Revenue & Brand Activation
With extensive experience in the world of ICT and technological and digital innovation, first as a Consultant and then as Director of Information Systems, Luigi has developed his profile through in-depth experiences in the fields of ICT Strategy, Omnichannel, ERP & Supply Chain integration, Business Intelligence & data platform and Cybersecurity.

Thanks to what he has consolidated in more than 15 years of career for customers in the Retail, Consumer goods, Utility, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Media&Telco sectors, Luigi is now leading Unieuro towards the digital transformation that allows to exploit the potential of technology in favor of an innovative and integrated Customer Experience in channels and consumer services, shaping the technological evolution according to the growth objectives of Unieuro Group.
Mirco Lucchetta
ICT Associate Director EMEA and HQ
Senior Manager focused on Sales & Finance, Mirco Lucchetta has gained experience in international companies, where he held important roles as Team Leader and Program Manager. He has extensive experience in project management in the fashion, retail and manufacturing sectors through the implementation of IT systems for Logistics, Sales and Accounting.
A strong aptitude for achieving corporate objectives through careful planning of activities, team management, and risk management has allowed him to attain strong involvement, enthusiasm, and collaboration between the people he collaborates with. In addition, Lucchetta has gained significant experience, built on projects managed globally, in the area of business process design and re-engineering of organizations.
Antonio Baldassarra
Responsabile Vertical Marketing&Specialist Retail & Services Enterprise Market
Antonio Baldassarra, Head of Vertical Marketing & Specialist department in TIM Enterprise - Retail & Services division, has gathered experience in the Business Segment in the Marketing and Innovation areas.
He joined TIM in 1991 and in 1993 he moved to WIND in the startup phase. Back to TIM in 2001, Antonio covered several positions serving as Head of Marketing CRM and Head of VAS and Mobile Broadband Marketing. He served also as Chief Marketing Officer in TIM Hellas and as Head of Voice & Mobile Marketing in Sparkle, TIM Group company focused on international business.
Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the La Sapienza University of Rome.
Roberto Acquaviva
Sector Lead Fashion, Ecommerce, Travel
Roberto Acquaviva is Sector Lead at Meta, responsible for Fashion, Ecommerce, and Travel industries. At Meta since 2015, first at the international HQ and now in Milan, he spent the first half of his journey as Head of Digital Natives. Prior to that, Roberto was a Manager at Accenture Interactive covering ecommerce and digital projects, Product Manager at the digital division of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, and Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google.
Leonardo Dal Bello
Founder & Creative Director
Dal Bello was born in the Veneto countryside in 1974, within the well-known footwear district of Montebelluna. Passionate about literature and sport and animated by an innate creative spirit, Leonardo studied at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo but dropped out, moved by entrepreneurial desire.
The world of footwear is in his DNA. From an early age, he supported the family footwear company specializing in contract manufacturing, acquiring expertise and learning the techniques and secrets of production, product research and development, and customer relationships.
Taking advantage of the experience gained but looking to the medium and long-term future of the company, Leonardo decides to make a dream come true: his own project saw the light in 2010 with the birth of the Panchic casual footwear brand. His creative intuition, entrepreneurial agility, and determination guarantee the brand a rapid growth and expansion in international markets, allowing the company Arsenale 5 S.r.l. to deploy its resources solely to support the brand starting from 2018.
Francesco Marini
Supply Chain Manager
Marini was born in 1983 and graduated in Marketing and Business Management at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice in 2006. His passion for sport and free time also guides his professional choices, particularly in the world of footwear. Having an operational background and a managerial one, Marini developed skills in logistics, international shipping, negotiation, and production planning.
His consolidated experience in the sports system and luxury goods industry led him to fill the current role of Supply Chain Manager at Panchic with a significant focus on the efficiency of production and logistics processes.
Antonio Mancinelli
Fashion journalist
A journalist since 1991, he was the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire until July 2021. Now, he collaborates with Repubblica, D - La Repubblica delle Donne, Amica, Amica.it, Il Foglio, Style, and other online and offline media. He started his career at the Italian daily Corriere della Sera. He has bylines with various magazines and newspapers, from Vogue to Panorama, from Diario to Elle, just to name a few. He has written and hosted broadcasts on Radio Tre and published various books: among these, Fashion Box has been translated worldwide. The last one, L'arte dello styling, written with Susanna Ausoni for Vallardi, is recording great feedback and sales. He has always been attentive to fashion as a reflection of society and a political device designed to explain cultural mutations. He has taught in public and private universities, first the Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome, then the Politecnico of Milan, the Alma Studiorum University of Bologna, Polimoda in Florence, Fashion Academy in Naples, the Catholic University of Milan, Domus Academy and Marangoni in Milan. The Ministry of Culture called him to be part of the Fashion Commission as Italian cultural heritage. He has participated in drafting the catalogs of important exhibitions: among the most recent ones, Romanzo breve di moda maschile, at Palazzo Pitti in Florence (2019), Italiana. L'Italia vista dalla moda at Palazzo Reale in Milan (2018), up to Rick Owens’ retrospective Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman, at the Triennale di Milano (2017).
Antonio Fratta Pasini 
Head of IT
Calzedonia Group
He did not serve in the military, but he was an analyst at McKinsey in the Corporate Finance practice. After his MBA at Insead, he worked for 10 years in financial services in highly omnichannel companies such as CheBanca! and Moneyfarm, where he led the commercial development of remote human and digital channels. Since 2021, he has accepted a new challenge in terms of role, content, and sector by becoming Head of IT of the Calzedonia Group. He has always been a supporter of digital (not to be intended as a channel), he has made "pragmatic" innovation his strong suit. He shuns baroque technicalities, reads customer feedback, and always thanks Pareto.
He is a father (3 daughters!) and an amateur footballer in the evenings.
Giacomo Santucci
Camera Buyer Italia
Santucci has worked with numerous iconic brands in the Fashion & Luxury industry, including Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada, and D&G. He started his career in Salvatore Ferragamo as assistant to the CEO and finally covered top roles. He then spent eight years with Prada as CEO and looked after all Asian markets' development. Along with other worldwide responsibilities, he managed the phase of acquisitions by end 90ies and became Board Member and General Manager and Chairman of Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, and he represented Prada in the JV with Louis VUITTON for the Fendi's acquisition. In 2001 he joined the Gucci Group as Vice President of the Industrial Operations Division and worldwide CEO of the Gucci Division, and in 2005 covered the COO position for Dolce&Gabbana.

In 2007, he founded his consultancy firm, Creative Consulting, under the Club GS trade-mark, supporting private equity funds and fashion companies, capitalizing on his previous involvement in MC Kinsey, and providing a wide range of consultancy services.

Since 2009, he has supported the Spring Group, a group of digitally-oriented integrated communications agencies based in London. He also seated on the Boards of directors of several fashion, lifestyle, and luxury companies, such as lately, Roberto Cavalli.

Today is the creative curator of Borsalino and, since 2020, the Chairman of Camera Buyer Italia – The Best Shops (the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers).